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You Are Our Priority Services We Offer

Check out the services we provide to your loved ones.

Personal Care

Let us handle all of your daily needs.

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Social Activities

Have fun with other residents through our activities.

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We take our residents to all the places they need to go.

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Meal Preparation

We prepare meals for our residents and ensure that they are always healthy.

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Welcome to Holmdel Neuro Care

Are you looking for an adult care center that is able to accommodate all of your loved one’s needs? You’ve come to the right place. We at Holmdel Adult Care Center have excellent and talented staff members working with us to ensure that our clients are able to receive the kind of care that they need and deserve. We work together with you in order to provide your loved ones with an environment where they can live in comfort.

We Are Committed Mission Statment

To create an environment for older adults and seniors that allows them to thrive. It is our goal to ensure that our residents are able to live their best life while we are taking care of them in our center.

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